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In the city heritage
Florence was the capital of the country where you should visit right after the cheap flights to Rome (you may book your flights at http://cheapflightreservations.com). According to UNESCO statistics, 60% of the art world’s most important focus in Italian and half of them located in Florence.
No encroachment by smokeless industry and modern lifestyles has led Florence to become one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Population of just over half a million people; however, the city route is always crowded with tourists flows; and, almost all roads are leading to the heritage.
- Lairentien library was built in the 15th century,
- Palazzo Vecchio and the clock tower was built in the 14th century.
- Uffizi museum, the oldest and most famous art museum in the whole world … but buying ticket to entry the heritage is so hard with a long queue always.
No time to regret of losing the opportunity to visit the Uffizi museum, we were immediately fascinated by the other attractive square in the area. Piazza della Signoria Square is bringing together many works of art by artists during the Renaissance. Meanwhile, the Repubblica Square is having street games, circus, and magic and music performances by street artists…
Buy the brand-name products in anywhere
Not only is the city’s heritage and art, Florence is also “paradise” of the major Italian fashion brand-name products, such as Prada, Gucci, Valentino, E. Armani …
Along the Martelli and Cerrettani Street, we can visit the bustling flea market with all sorts of souvenirs and the residence bar serving for tourist with the friendly owner shops…